Rebirth of a Nation: God has a Purpose for Our Nation

I join the people of our nation to grieve, groan and pray in a time as this.

We know this is another trying times in the history of this nation.

So many people are in pains and agonies.

 The nation is bleeding and we desperately need God’s intervention in the situation of our land.

Meanwhile, we should not look like hopeless people or develop unhealthy agitations and worries in this moment of pandemonium.

Believers are different people. We are not victims. We are victorious people.
 In fact, we must remind ourselves of who we are in a time as this. We are more than conquerors.

It is true that circumstances affecting us have enormous consequences. They are devastating, humiliating, sobering and destructive.

But the word of the Lord still stands sure. WE KNOW that all things work together for GOOD to THOSE WHO LOVE GOD, to those who are THE CALLED according to HIS PURPOSE (Romans 8:28).

What we know is important, especially in times of crisis. But more important is what we are going to do with what we know.


It is time to do what God has CALLED us to do in order to see His purpose for this nation come to pass.


We must not be overcome by the sad happenings of the moment.

This is the time to tune more accurately to the frequency of the Spirit and become more opened to the Voice of God.

 Let’s be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. There is no defeat for us.
We are coming out stronger, better and peaceful after all these vicious spirals.

I believe what we are experiencing now is a deeply disturbing wake-up call to the rebirth of our nation.

 If we submit ourselves to God, what looks like impending failure will turn around for our good.

Please let us humble ourselves before the Lord and seek Him for the rebirth of our nation.

#PrayerBurden🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Father! We declare that Your Purpose will be accomplished in our nation.
#QuoteForLeaders🔥🔥🔥“This is the time to tune more accurately to the frequency of the Spirit and become more opened to the Voice of God..”
#ScriptureSpeak📖📖📖Psalms 22:28
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Acting Like Jesus in Crisis (4)

Whenever there is crisis, inner richness and peace becomes more important than other things.

Great leaders don’t joke with the state of their inner lives because they know that true strength flows from the inner being of a person.

But achieving this requires a deliberate practice of solitude. This is the ability to constantly withdraw from the external noisy world and connect with God in your spirit.

Effective practice of solitude always give birth to freshness, renewal, refocus, rejuvenation, revelation and restoration.

Renewal in solitude is one of the visible patterns in the life and leadership of Jesus. This was how he retained His focus, faithfulness and fruitfulness in spite of all the crisis that characterized His ministry.

Renewal in solitude is one of the master secrets of Christ. Of course, this practice has been existing before Christ came. Many philosophers who lived before Him practiced it.

But how Jesus practiced solitude is absolutely different from the common practices.

Solitude to Jesus is not about separation or desire to be in your own presence and enjoy your own company.

The focus of Jesus in the practice of solitude is the Father.

It is a deliberate separation or desire to be in the presence of God and enjoy God’s company.

This is true solitude that was established before the fall in Eden.

The power and purpose of this is what Christ lived out before us.

As a leader, you must practice the discipline of renewal in solitude and lead others to do likewise.

Jesus did not just practice renewal in solitude alone. He brought His leadership team into this practice.

But apart from the multitude, the leadership team and the core leadership team of Jesus, He practiced solitude alone.

Do you engage in this practice? How often and consistently do you seek renewal in solitude?

Please note that solitude is not loneliness. It is not a feeling. It is not just about having sense of isolation.

Solitude is a purposeful act of creating an undisturbed environment, atmosphere and condition when you can quietly connect, pray, observe, listen and gain clarity from God and what He has for you.

Solitude is your inspiration centre.

It is the place you can truly be inspired to generate strength and depth needed to handle the pressures around you.

Father, we receive an enablement to practice the discipline of renewal in solitude like Jesus.

“As a leader, you must practice the discipline of renewal in solitude and lead others to do likewise!”

Mark 6:31, Luke 5:16

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Acting Like Jesus in Crisis (3)

We are always going to face moments in our lives that we must decide what deserves the allegiance of our focus.

Each time we must move forward in our journey with God, we will first be confronted with the ability to choose what will be our drive in all situations.

Are we going to allow crisis, obstacles, persecutions and challenges to drive us away from carrying out our God-given mandate or we are going to be driven by our mission for Jesus?

Our response to this will always make a difference in our action towards crisis.

Also in this, Jesus is our Perfect model of what ought to drive us through moments of crisis.

Whether crisis or comfort, nothing drives Christ except the mission committed to Him by the Father.

Acting like Jesus in Crisis means we also become like Christ who is not deterred by crisis or delayed by comfort.

When you’re acting like Jesus, you are completely sold out to carrying out your assignment whether that means crisis or comfort.

You are not bitter by crisis or bound by comfort. All that matters to you is fulfilling your cause with joy.

Even when it comes like a deluge, you can still say to crisis that none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the Grace of God.

This is a mission-driven life that cannot be battered by crisis. Paul became the leader who acted like Christ in crisis.

He was too moved by his commitment to Christ than to forfeit his assignment because of crisis.

What about you?

Do you allow crisis to move you?

Is your life dear to you than the ministry, vision, purpose and the gospel of the grace of God you have been raised up to testify to your generation?

Jesus showed us an example during His greatest hour of trial in Gethsemane, how we must respond in times of crisis.

The will of the Father must be our drive no matter the cost of fulfilling it.

When we learn to act like Jesus in this manner, crisis will always work out the fulfillment of our purpose.

Father, let it be noted about our lives that nothing moves us except our love and obedience to Your will. Amen!

“When you’re acting like Jesus, you are completely sold out to carrying out your assignment whether that means crisis or comfort!”

Matter 26:39, Acts 20:24

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Acting Like Jesus in Crisis (2)

We concluded yesterday’s devotion on two important things that set leaders apart. The abilities to learn and to act.

The action part here is leadership. We know more by learning but we lead more through our actions.

Something very challenging about leadership in crisis is this. People expect more strategic, result oriented and solution proven actions from a leader than many other things.

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Jesus commanded so much leadership honour because of the words that flow from Him. But He made greater impact because of His actions.

People followed Him because they found solutions to their problems in the times of distress, crisis and troubles.

His action in crisis is not of passive type. He is not reactive but active.

He demonstrated that true leadership is the ability to rise up to crisis in a way that solves people’s problems.

Jesus handles crisis with authority. This is one outstanding quality that leaders must learn.

Leadership Authority

As a leader, Jesus possessed both moral and spiritual authority that could handle crisis.

Authority is exousia. It’s a given ability, force or capacity under a higher control. The potentate token of control or delegated influence to exercise right or liberty within a specific jurisdiction.

Jesus exercised authority because He knew it has been given to Him, why it was given, how to use it, where it must be used, when it should be engaged and the source of the authority.

Acting like Jesus in crisis will also require that we understand what Jesus understood about authority.

This may mean that we know the power of our influence in providing leadership to those we have been called to lead.

We know things we can control and we quickly respond to them.

We commit the things we can’t control unto Christ who is able to control them in any way He desires.

But it is important we recognize that we have been assigned, ordained and set in authority by Christ, which must be used in crisis.

When authority is not used appropiately, crisis will step beyond its boundaries like an uncaged lion.

Authority is used for protection

Leaders act like Jesus by protecting what has been committed to them.

Authority can be abused

Jesus did not abuse His authority to weaken those who were already weak. This is abuse and misuse of authority.

Jesus used His leadership authority to strengthen the weak, to help the helpless and to defend the defenseless. Leaders must do likewise in crisis.

How is your leadership authority helping others in this crisis?

Father, Help us that we may remain under the authority of Christ and also learn to act with authority in crisis like Him.

“Leaders act like Jesus by protecting what has been committed to them!”

John 5:27

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Acting Like Jesus in Crisis

I have always wondered how differently things will be turning out if many of us commit to acting like Jesus in crisis.

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Whenever we are faced with any crisis, we should never see it as something peculiar, special or strange.

One of the consolations for leaders in any situation is the availability of workable model that can be followed to tackle uncertainties of the present.

Of course, we may be facing challenging moments in history, but we are not with uncertain solution.

Christ is the solution of all times and seasons.

In Him consist all things.

When we become humble enough to look to Him for solutions, we will eventually prevail over all our mountains.

How do we look to Christ in Crisis?

  1. By Learning from Him.
  2. By Acting like Him.

We must learn from Him in order to successfully act like Him.

Whatever we do is more profitable, less burdensome and cost effective when we choose to learn from Jesus.

Then as we learn, we must act.

Learning without action makes a waste of knowledge. And acting without learning makes a mockery of knowledge.

These two things are the most common errors of leaders!

We either waste knowledge or make mockery of it.

I often remind the people God has called me to lead that learning become useful when it is used.

No matter how much resources we have put into learning or how rich we have become in knowledge, until it is used, it is useless.

The same thing applies to the knowledge of Christ. The Christ we show, not just the Christ we know that will make a difference in our world.

The more we know Him is the more we should show Him.

If we are going to see more people show Christ as they know Him, the transformation of the world will be so evident.

That’s why I mentioned the other error common to leaders – the error of showing what we don’t know.

No one can successfully act like the person unknown.

When we truly learn from Christ and commit to acting like Him, crisis will never be able to dislodge us. We may be challenged but will be emerging as champions.

If the Lord tarries, we will discuss practical areas to act like Jesus during crisis in tomorrow’s devotion.

Have a Blessed Week.

Father, we receive Grace to keep learning and acting like Jesus in every circumstance.

“Whatever we do is more profitable, less burdensome and cost effective when we choose to learn from Jesus!”

Ephesians 5:1

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Don’t Bear it Alone: Leverage on Help in Crisis

Identity crush is the most common effect of crisis.

Nothing can injure or pulverize the sense of who you are like the fatigue of crisis.

Every time satan wants to sift people who carries a mandate of Christ, he targets their identity power through crisis.

Let me say this. If you allow disappointments, adversities, challenges and problems to overwhelm you, your sense of personal identity where your strength lies will be crushed.

And once satan gains control in making you to belief what is false about yourself, he will focus on this until you finally relinquish your true identity in Christ.

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This is the breaking point of many strong leaders.

One of the things that helps whenever you are going through crisis, whether in your personal life, family or work is to guard your sense of identity with every strength the Holy Spirit gives.

There are many leaders who are suffering silently from depression. Ministry or leadership pressures can take you to a level where you suffer loneliness especially when you are faced with crisis. But you don’t have to be lonely.

I always love to remind leaders that nothing destroys loneliness like healthy relationships.

This primarily begins with accepting the provision God has made for us in marriage.

One of the basic reasons for marriage is to cure a sense of loneliness that can eventually affect personal identity.

But if this provision is not available, you must ensure you are accountable to a good friend, family member, prayer partner, or your spiritual parent.

No matter the crisis, what you don’t bear alone is often times bearable. But what you bear alone can easily overpower you even when it ought not to (Matthew 11:28).

Learn to ask for help. Be humble enough to do so. Don’t choose to keep dying in silence.

Meanwhile, there are times when we go through issues that the closest person to us cannot understand or solve. We must know that the Holy Spirit has been given to us purposely because of this.

Jesus promised that He would not leave us comfortless and He didn’t. But He has given us another Helper.

The Holy Spirit is our Helper and He loves to help us in our most vulnerable moments, when it seems we can’t bear up the challenges, temptations and trials that want to redefine who God has made us to be.

Learn to respond to the help of the Holy Spirit. Engage in conversations with Him just like you discuss with human counselor. He is the greatest and most powerful Counselor.

Schedule a time deliberately with Him. Do this often. It will be of great help to you!

Father, Thank You for making Your help available to us. Teach us how to make use of it always.

“No matter the crisis, what you don’t bear alone is often times bearable!”

1 Kings 19:11-12

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Finding God in Crisis

Nothing is important as the ability to hear the voice of God in the midst of crisis.

Finding God is all that matters to most of us when we face crisis. We know when we find Him, He can speak to us, give rest to our tired souls and teach us what to do.

When this takes place, we are empowered to overcome every form of agitation, apprehension, isolation, impoverishment and tendencies of making dangerous decisions under pressure.

Leaders must learn to find God in crisis. This is important because we are hope givers, counselors and inspirations to those we have been called to lead.

We cannot afford to be exhausted, drained and quit no matter the magnitude of pressures that comes to attack us.

Leaders are always the prime target of arrows of frustrations, threat, exhaustion and fatigue from Satan.

The enemy knows that, an attack that can devastate a leader will wreck and shatter those who look to him under Christ for leadership.

That’s the reason Jesus told Peter, “When you revert, strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32). It takes a restored, and reverted leader to strengthen others in crisis.

But what Peter needed to be restored was the intercessory intervention of Christ. Peter found restoration after finding the help of Christ before and during the crisis that confronted him.

When Elijah became exhausted, lost passion, sense of purpose and the inner drive to advance in his calling because of crisis, he demanded for death, but the help of restoration was already waiting for him.

If not for the help that Elijah got in the midst of pressures, this could have marked a sudden, untimely and unfortunate termination of his glorious ministry.

Dear beloved Leader, we must learn to find God whenever it looks as if we are loosing out to the overwhelming pressures of life and leadership.

But we must be careful that we don’t look for God in the multitude of the pressures, worries and anxieties going on in our hearts.

Elijah did not find God in the midst of a great and strong wind that tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the Lord. He couldn’t find God in the midst of earthquake and the fire.

God was indirectly saying to Elijah that, in the time of crisis, don’t look for me in the wind, earthquake or fire. These are wrong places to find rest in Me.

Elijah, look for Me in the calmness of your spirit. Wait on My voice, the delicate whispering voice when you shift focus from your crisis and become still in My presence.

God is saying the same thing to you. This is how to find God in crisis.

Father, we thank You for teaching us how to find You in the time of crisis. Help us to be still, so as to know that You are God, no matter our circumstance.

“We cannot afford to be exhausted, drained and quit no matter the magnitude of pressures that comes to attack us!”

1 Kings 19:11-12

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The Favour Factor in Crisis

There are few more aspects we shall still explore before we are going to move away from Leadership in Crisis Series.

When I continued in my meditation of how God causes us to thrive in crisis, the word favour stands so strong in my spirit that I cannot but shared this important factor.

In times of uncertainties, challenges, and unprecedented moments like we are facing, there is always human tendencies to seek personal means of getting solutions.

This is something common to all of us. It is the way we have been reconditioned through the Adamic nature.

Until God prevails over this tendency, we don’t usually have the patience to wait on God’s favour in the midst of crisis.

But the truth remains that, there is Nothing Like the Favor of God.

Most times, it may sound logical to make great efforts towards solving our problems. But nothing helps in crisis like the favour of God.

We must learn to believe, trust and pray for God’s favour upon our lives, families, organizations, ministries and our nation.

It must be strongly accepted that we cannot fulfill our destinies without the favour of God.

One of the finest things about Joseph’s life is the favour of God. His leadership journey as a young man was coloured by God’s favour.

Every phase of his life when he entered into crisis, favour always make the place of pressures to become a place of pleasure for Joseph (Genesis 39:4, 21).

If you will also think deeply about your life, you can testify to the very experience of favour you have enjoyed.

And I want to say that in spite of the pressures around you, the crisis you may be facing or the uncertainties that surround you, the favour of God is always constant.

More than others may desire it, leaders need more of God’s favour upon their lives.

When favour flows in a leader’s life, it flows down to those he has been called to lead.

Let us seek the favour of God in life and leadership, especially in times of crisis.

There are things no human strategies, gifts, networks, problem solving skills or abilities can do except the favour of God.

Jesus increased in favour with God and men and this marked out His Life and Ministry for success (Luke 2:52).

I see you experiencing an unprecedented increase of favour in your life, family and work.

Father, we trust and ask for Your favour upon us now and always in Jesus name.

“More than others may desire it, leaders need more of God’s favour upon their lives!”

Genesis 40:23

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Identify Your Network: #2 Repositioning Success Factor in Crisis

In yesterday’s devotion, we looked at something vital for successful repositioning in crisis, which is the importance of identifying our God-given abilities.

The next thing you need to identify in order to reposition for success during crisis is your network.

Network is simply your relationship!

In my curious study of how God usually reposition His vessels during the time of crisis, I found relationships to be recurring factor that God uses.

None of us can succeed in isolation. Our success is always tied to our past, present and future relationships, whether personal, professional or community.

Those who take the power of relationships for granted are usually granded by crisis.

But when we realize the great opportunities available for us through relationships, we will always know that God has blessed us with everything we need to reposition ourselves in crisis.

Identifying your network begins with the demand of building impactful relationships.

Only those you have connected with are your networks.

Here are two ways amongst others to build a network that will reposition you in crisis.

1. Learn the two important times to connect with people

There are two important times you can connect with people. When they are in pain or when they are in joy.

For many of us, we find it easy to connect with people when they are in joy. But the most important time to impact people’s lives and connect is when they are in pains.

Joseph had this quality and it repositioned his life from the prison.

One outstanding quality of Joseph that every believer, most especially leaders must have is grace to help people in their painful moments in spite of our own pains.

This example is also in our Perfect Leader and Master – Jesus.

2. Learn to put other people’s needs ahead of your own.

Successful relationship is built by continuous commitment of putting other people’s needs ahead of your own.

This was how Joseph identified the relationship network that helped him out of the prison and launched him to be repositioned for success.

But beyond this, you will discover that putting other people’s needs ahead of oneself was not just an occasion for Joseph. It was how he had lived his life over time before he found himself in the prison.

Eventually, this attitude became the repositioning factor in the life of Joseph.

How often do you connect with people in their pains?

In order to develop this attitude, you must learn to put other people’s needs ahead of yourself.

This will make a difference for you whenever you are in crisis.

Father, Give us understanding of the treasure in relationships and enable us to pay the price for it.

“Successful relationship is built by continuous commitment of putting other people’s needs ahead of your own!”

Genesis 40:1-23, 41:9

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Repositioning in Crisis: 3 Things You Need to Identify for Success

Repositioning for greater glory is the desire of God whenever we are faced with adversities.

The present crisis demand that we become aware of the need for repositioning strategy in our work life.

Some of the things that I have shared about overcoming crisis will seriously help if we apply ourselves to them.

They are timeless principles that will impact our lives, families, ministries and careers positively in such a time as this.

But this can only happen as we understand the importance of repositioning especially in our work.

Repositioning is the ability to keep up with the demands of a moment. It is achieved by identifying key change factors that will upgrade our status economically during and after any crisis.

Leaders who can not reposition in crisis will be swept away by the flood of adversities.

The necessity for deliberate repositioning is important because nothing usually remain the same after crisis. So, crisis comes with unsual situations which always require making unusual changes.

If you are thinking of repositioning strategies to meet up with the demand of the present circumstances in your work, there are three things you must identify. Let’s consider one of these in today’s devotion.

Identify Your God-given Assets

This is the time to really look inward to identify the unique talents, gifts, ideas, strengths and skills that you have which will reposition you for success in the midst of crisis.

Whenever God want to show His miracles during crisis, He helps His children to manifest the unsual gifts in them.

Think of Joseph in the Egyptians prison, it was the unique gift in him that God brooded upon which launched him into success.

One of the consolations for believers in Christ is that, what looks like a crisis season to the world is the crowning, enthronement, revealing and winning season for God’s children.

So, you must learn to identify the unique gift in you. It may be what God will use to reposition you for success this season.

Every time there is a crisis, never take your unique gifts for granted.

Many organizations, businesses, nations and ministries have been repositioned for success because of crisis.

Many breakthrough projects, startups, products and endeavours have always been triggered by crisis.

When we learn to identify our unique talents and bring them out in crisis times, we will be repositioned for success.

We will consider the second thing you must identify for your repositioning in crisis tomorrow by God’s Grace.

Father, Thank You for opening our eyes to the gifts You have put in us and how You will use them for your Glory in such a time as this.

“Every time there is a crisis, never take your unique gifts for granted!”

Genesis 41:9-16

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