Staying Focused

Staying focused is a challenge.

It is a challenge that every leader must fight and overcome everyday.

There is always a temptation of longing to do many things at the same time, and which usually slow down our progress on the most important things we are to do.

Recently, I told some leaders that effectiveness in our purpose and the vision God has given to us requires that we move from a people of many things to becoming people of one thing.

One thing done excellently is better than many things done averagely.

One thing that God approves is better than so many things He belittles.

Overcoming traps of distraction in going forward to reach our best for God this year demands a discipline to stay focused on what is important.

We cannot afford to spend our energy this year on what does not fulfill our God-given purpose.

For the fact that certain things are lawful does not mean they are suitable for your purpose.

It is your responsibility to mark the difference between what is beautiful and what is useful in your life and ministry.

Sometimes, certain things look beautiful which may not be useful.

In the other way around, it may look ugly but will be useful.

You must learn to look beyond beauty this year to usefulness.

Will that assignment just make your life beautiful or useful?

If you want to be a leader who will stay focused on the right things, you must stop looking for what is beautiful and start focusing on what is useful.

In Mark 11:12-14 & 20, Jesus was looking for a tree that is useful for meeting needs and satisfying hunger. But He saw a tree that looks very beautiful but not useful.

Verse 14 says Jesus responded that, “No one eat fruit from you ever again.”

And in the morning as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots (Vs 20).

One of the leadership lessons the Holy Spirit taught me about this tree is knowing the value difference between what is beautiful and useful.

In other words, get rid of anything in your life that is beautiful but not fruitful or useful. Then, stay focused ONLY on what is USEFUL, no matter how UNATTRACTIVE it is.

Father! I curse every object of unfruitfulness in my life. Let it die to the root in Jesus name.

“Know the value difference between what is beautiful and useful.”

2 Corinthians 11:3

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Simplify: How to Keep Things Uncomplicated in Your Life

Don’t use a lot where a little will do

I like to discuss about the necessity of simplicity.

This is important if we are to go forward as leaders in this new year.

Learning this vital principle will simplify our lives, our success and the accomplishment of the purpose and the plan of God for us this year.

All leaders must understand that complexities slows down progress.

complexities brings confusion.

The pathway to accomplishing any success is simply by keeping your life uncomplicated.

So, today I will discuss one of the three major ways you can keep things uncomplicated in your life, family and work.

1. Learn to Make the Main Things Plain

One of the key leadership secrets of Christ is His ability to make the main things plain. This is the reason He was able to accomplish a great task within a short time with such a sustainable impact.

Making the main things plain is a great leadership skill that helps leaders to identify things that are needful, important and essential.

In my leadership development assignment, I discovered long ago that one of my major responsibilities is to help leaders identify the main things they are called to do.

Whenever I engage some leaders who are not satisfied with the outcomes of their achievements, we have always come to realization together that they have not been focusing on the main things.

One hard truth is this,

No matter how much labour you put into NONESSENTIALS, you can’t MAKE any SIGNIFICANT impact.

Wise leaders seek to MAKE the MAIN THINGS PLAIN!

As the year is already running, your major breakthrough will come as you IDENTIFY the ESSENTIALS.

One of the most important counsels I have ever received from the HOLY SPIRIT is the CALL TO FOCUS ON THE MAIN THINGS.

If you struggle with MAKING the MAIN THINGS PLAIN about what you ought to be doing as a leader, the HOLY SPIRIT is willing to HELP.



When He makes the MAIN THINGS PLAIN to the Apostles in Acts 6:4, it was recorded thereafter in verse seven that,

“Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were obedient the faith.”



Father! Please MAKE THE MAIN THINGS PLAIN to me.

"Wise leaders seek to MAKE the MAIN THINGS PLAIN!"

2 Corinthians 11:3

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Going Forward in Year 2020

It is the third day already into the anticipated year 2020.

No time to waste.

In fact, there is no such thing as wasting time.

We can only waste an opportunity that has been provided for us within the space of time.

Just before we concluded last year, I shared something with some leaders that not only affected their hearts, but mine also.

It’s about how we must understand our responsibilities to be prepared for what God has prepared ahead for us in this year.

Preparation is getting ready.

Preparation is making room.

Preparation is not just waiting.

It is the real work!

Preparation has greater impact on the outcome of anything.

Preparation is responding to the demands required to turn expectations to manifestations.

God has great regard for prepared leaders.

Preparation is a demonstration of our faith-steps that shows we believe in what God has spoken to us.

Preparation is Action.

It is acting in a right direction towards the pursuit of what God wants to do through our lives.

The million dollar question that can enforce our Going Forward this year is,


Preparation is more than a TALK.

It is a WALK.

GOD approves our Preparedness by our WALK, not by our TALK.

When He wanted to call Abraham back to the demand of GOING FORWARD WITH HIM, HE simply said,

“… I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect” (Genesis 17:1).


If you truly want to GO FORWARD WITH GOD this Year in every aspect of concern ~ relationship, family, work and leadership; the quality of your PREPARATION will be revealed by your WALK.

Start Walking.

Upgrade Your Walk!

Purify Your Walk.

Start to Take Steps towards the New Experience you’re trusting God for.

This is how to GO FORWARD.


The biggest challenge of Going Forward is to TAKE THE NEXT RIGHT STEP.

It may be SMALL STEPS of Faith, but TAKE IT ANYWAY.

Small steps taking after another can make a BIG DIFFERENCE than just WAITING and TALKING about that BIG STEP you want to take.

I have confidence in the LORD that this year, you will GROW and GO FORWARD in JESUS NAME.

Father! thank You for Wonderful Experiences You have Prepared Ahead for Us this Year.

“The biggest challenge of Going Forward is to TAKE THE NEXT RIGHT STEP.”

Genesis 17:1

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Take Steps to Eliminate Time Wasters in Year 2020

Time is the substance of our lives.”

When I first heard the word above from Alexandra Stoddard, I had another rethink about my life and how it has been impacted by what I do with time.

One more heart burning statement Stoddard made is that, “We don’t create time in our lives but instead create our lives in time.”

This is another way of saying what most of us know and have come to accept that we can’t retain time, we can only redeem it.

Redeeming time is making the most of every opportunity to maximize our life.

I see this as the liberation that most of us need in the new year.

It is good to pray and fast for liberation from certain constraints in our lives, but we should passionately seek the liberation of our time from time wasters.

Many of our problems are solved when we eliminate time wasters in our lives. We will see unlimited great turnaround in our lives, marriages, organizations, ministries and even in our nation when we take a bold, purposeful and disciplined step to start maximizing our time.

Step to eliminate time wasters in your life is a personal decision to see more meaning and fulfillment coming out of every use of your time.

It’s a scrutinizing decision to take back the running control of your time from every other thing apart from the Holy Spirit and you.

For some of us, our problem with time is that we have released its control to things and people that are not adding value to our fulfillment in life.

The problem of some people is lack of balance. They allow their profession to steal and waste the time they ought to invest in their relationship with God and families.

Wrong priorities, inferior pursuits, purposeless people and certain imbalances can serve as time wasters that must be eliminated in the new year.

Be determined to have a strong grip on your time henceforth.

Because of my personality, I usually don’t want to say ‘No’ to people as far as giving my time is concerned. But I discovered later that most people don’t value your time if you don’t raise the bar on it.

I have learnt a very important lesson about eliminating time wasters in my life ~ and the lesson is to ALWAYS INVEST TIME ON PURPOSE.

We will continue from here in the next Journey.


Father! Please grant us Your wisdom and the discipline to eliminate time wasters from our lives.


“Be determined to have a strong grip on your time henceforth.”


Ephesians 5:16

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How Making Growth A Priority Will Greatly Impact Your Leadership in 2020

Successful leadership is a commitment to the journey of tireless growth.

As we plan for new shift in our life, family, organization or ministries, we must understand the bedrock of such demanding desire.

It’s a demand of Personal Growth.

We must deliberately prioritize on growth as top commitment of our pursuit.

The demand of success in any leadership assignment is growth.

No leader is too old to grow. When a leader becomes too old to grow then he’s no longer qualified to lead.

This is one of the open secrets of great leaders. It is growth.

Growth is first of all for a leader’s benefits before others shares the benefits. The best gift a leader can give to those he has been called to lead is the evidence of his own growth.

Growth is like climbing higher in order to have a better view of something. It often simplifies the complex.

When we prioritize on growth, we build capacity to handle the workload of increased leadership responsibilities.

The law of growth for a leader is that, you either get better or get behind.

Growth is a proof that a leader is still work in progress and is passionately committed to continuous improvement.

I believe this posture disallows room for pride which is the number one enemy of growth in a leader’s life.

When a leader takes growth seriously, he gets better.

Prioritizing on growth impacts greatly on a leader’s life in all of these important areas.

 1.  Growth will increase your capacity to become more relevant and effective in your field.

 2. Growth will increase your capacity to influence more people in a greater usefulness.

 3. Growth unleashes the unexplored potentials locked in you.

4. Growth empowers your spirit man, it stretches your mind and imagination to reach beyond your present level of operation. 

5. Growth affects your ability to make better sound judgment and wise decisions as a leader. 

6. Growth builds confidence in you to tackle challenges and also make others to believe in your leadership capability. 

7. Growth keeps you intact and within your purpose. 

8. Growth makes you look younger than your age. It cures aging weaknesses and tendencies.

 9. Growth makes you a purposeful achiever.

How will you make growth a Priority in the new year?


Father! Please direct our hearts to areas we need to prioritize growth in the new year.


“Growth is a proof that a leader is still work in progress and is passionately committed to continuous improvement.”

#ScriptureSpeak : Proverbs 24:5

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Keys to Successful New Year Planning

Planning is a key to every successful outcome and result. 

The power of planning is indispensable for those who want to make the most of every year.

Getting the best out of a new year is never going to answer to a wish. It responds to proper and purposeful planning.

Miam Hamm once said that good planning is a backbone of success. No matter how great a vision, dream or goal is – it is an engagement of planning that makes it achievable.

Planning is a demonstration of preparedness and readiness for an expectation. When there is expectation with no planning involved, the expectation will end up being wasted.

If our expectation is great, our planning should be greater.
Alan Lakein brings clarity to planning when he said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

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In becoming a successful planner, William A. Ward mentioned four important steps.

 1.  Plan Purposefully 2. Prepare Prayerfully 3. Proceed Positively 4. Pursue Persistently

These four keys resonate with my conviction as far as successful planning is concerned.

Purpose, prayer, passion and persistence are required keys for successful planning.

Planning must be premised on accomplishing the purpose of God.
 The beginning of successful planning flows from the heart that is concerned about the will of God not desire for self promotion.

Planning should start by first asking the Lord, what do You want me to do in the new year?

Every planning that begins by securing the will of God cannot fail, if also pursued according to the will of God.

I believe the dimension of the dealings of God in the coming year is going to greatly favour those who will seek to know His will rather than settling for mental  strength.

There will be so much surprises in the coming year as God will be using those who choose to depend on His wisdom alone to accomplish great and miraculous results in their callings, families, organizations and ministries.


Father, we depend on Your counsel. Please make your counsel for our lives in the New Year known to us clearly.


Planning should start by first asking the Lord, what do You want me to do in the new year?”

Acts 9:6

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Making the Most of a New Year

The best year is achieved by making the most of every second, minute, hour and day to count for the eternal purpose of God for our lives.

As we gratefully thank God for the journey of this year, we should also position ourselves to make the most of the new year.

Just like the saying that an unexamined life is not worth living, we need to examine our lives and have a new shift where necessary.

It is not the will of the Lord that we become observers of days, months, times, and years but to make most of them (Galatians 4:9).

I believe God has so much stored up for our lives beyond what we have ever experienced in Him. He desires that we don’t just live but live full, making the most of our potential in Him.

No matter how well it seems we have lived our lives, we ought not to settle with the present. God is still calling us into more in Him – More growth, deeper relationship, greater effectiveness, wider impact and unstoppable progress.

Also, no matter the areas we feel we are not meeting the expectations of God concerning our lives and leadership assignments, we should not be discouraged. There is hope for us.

This is the best time to prepare ourselves for the coming year with a decision to make most of all that God has prepared for us.

Making the most of a New Year begins with defining what a year is.

How do you define a year?

Genesis 1:14 gives us basis.

God creates the year for measuring purpose within the space of time in eternity. That’s why a life is not  marked as successful by the measure of years lived but by what is done within a used time.

Another understanding about a year is that, it reveals set-times around the purposes and plans of God for our lives.

The new year is not primarily a general thing. It’s more personal and purposeful.

Making the most of a new year is by aligning ourselves with the purpose of God for lives.

We should not bother about the increase in years as we ought to bother about our walk with God.

The most blessed years of anyone are years fully lived in Jesus and for Jesus.

We make the most of a year as we remain more opened and submissive to the will of Christ for our lives.

When we live the way God wants us to live, we make the most of the year.

The best year is achieved by making the most of every second, minute, hour and day to count for the eternal purpose of God for our lives.

Please think about these things.

Father! Help us to fully align our lives with Your Purpose.

“The most blessed years of anyone are years fully lived in Jesus and for Jesus.”

2 Peter 3:8

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Time to Experience Shift

“What is most important is how we can master shifts in our lives.”

Life is about shift.

Leadership is more of mastering shifts and making it work to our advantage rather than the other way around.

Just as Sharon Salzberg once said, “Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope ~ a slight change, and all patterns alter.

Shifts happen ALL the TIME.

It’s either it happens to us or we make it happen!

Our Actions and Inactions affect the Shifts that takes place in our lives.

Some shifts are Positive. Some negatives…

Certain shifts add to us. Some takes from us!

Shifts sometimes bring Joy.

Some brings Sorrow.

When Birth takes place, something shifts for good. The joy of a new born adds value.

But unexpected death is also a negative aspect of shifts that takes place in life.

New Year is a Shift but it is more than the beginning of another annual general calendar. I will discuss more on this tomorrow.

In all of these, I have discovered that Shift is inevitable.

What is most important is how we can master shifts in our lives.

As we are closing this year, one indisputable reality is that certain shifts must have taken place in your life.

Your life is never the same as when we started this year.

It’s either you have made progress in the original purpose of God for your life or you have fallen behind so far from what God desired for you.

God is the Architect of every Positive shift.

He creates Time and Seasons.

He didn’t just create Eternity. He is Eternal Himself (1 Timothy 1:17).

His habitation is eternity (Isaiah 57:15).

Eternity does not Shift. But every shift takes place in Eternity.

For the next fifteen days left in this year, I will love that you read this daily devotional as we understand the Purpose and Power of Life Shifts and how to make them work for our good in Christ.

We will discover the change required for the next shift that God wants us to experience.

The patterns we must alter to move higher in the eternal purpose of God for our lives.

It is my prayer that God will reveal to us the things we should break away from and the attachment that must be removed from our lives in order to enter into the real pattern ordained for the next phase of our lives.

# PrayerBurden!
Father! Help us to understand and respond to the new shifts you are calling us to.

# QuoteForLeaders
“What is most important is how we can master shifts in our lives.”

# ScriptureSpeak
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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